Programs Ranging from Beginner to Advanced

Looking to start a new fitness journey or wanting to change up your current program? Wanting to lose weight and gain muscle? Looking to build your endurance and strength? Check out our classes that work no matter what stage you are in your fitness journey.

CrossFit Group Classes

Our standard CrossFit class is where all of the good stuff happens. Our programming offers the same benefits to brand new members as well as CrossFit veterans the same. Our group classes will be an hour long class of safe instruction from a certified CrossFit coach. A warm up to get your body primed for the workout. The WORKOUT OF THE DAY to get your heart rate up over a varied period of time to burn calories and build muscle. We will end each class with a cool down to help our body recover from the workout. Each day will be different and keep you hungry for more!


Our foundations class is imperative to starting off your CrossFit journey on the right foot. Even if you are a longtime workout machine, learning how to move properly and develop safe movement patterns is key. In this class we will breakdown all of the movements that you will encounter in the WORKOUT OF THE DAYs. You will learn points of performance that will ensure that you are able to perform each movement as efficiently and safely as possible. You will also learn how to read each WORKOUT OF THE DAY and understand what all of the terminology means. Nutrition will also be touched on in this class as well, because we all know that you can’t out train a bad diet.


My mission is to guide you to optimal health. I offer personalized, evidence-based nutrition coaching to fit your unique needs, preferences, and goals. I provide education, accountability, and support to help you make informed choices and develop a positive relationship with food. Together, we’ll explore whole, nutrient-dense foods for long-term health and happiness. I’ll be your cheerleader and trusted source of information, inspiring you to achieve lasting change. Let’s start this journey towards whole body wellness today. – Coach, Lauren Gum